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The Perkins & Anctil Condominium Law Practice is led by Senior Partner, Charles A. Perkins, Jr. Our Team assists condominium associations, condominium boards, property management and unit owners with all forms of condominium governance, operations and legal issues.

Our Condominium Practice Team is a leader in the industry, representing close to 700 condominiums, community associations, homeowner associations and cooperatives throughout both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As an active member of both the CAI New England and CAI New Hampshire Chapters and Legislative Action Committees, our Team is at the forefront of championing issues that are important to community associations. Our representation before town and city governments throughout Massachusetts has secured municipal services for many community associations throughout the state.

Members of our Team also serve on the CAI New England Attorneys Committee, CAI New Hampshire Board of Directors and CAI National Amicus Brief Committee. Our Team also teaches for the organizations mentioned above, as well as for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (“MCLE”). Members of our Team consistently review developing condominium law and, through regular communication, keep our clients aware of changes in the legal landscape and ahead of the curve when it becomes necessary to adapt to those.

Our writings on condominium law are published in a variety of periodicals including the Perkins & Anctil Newsletter (distributed quarterly at no charge to all clients of the firm), MCLE publications, Condo Media (the magazine of CAI New England), Common Ground (the nationally-distributed magazine of CAI national), Condo Management Magazine and New England Condominium Magazine.

Regardless of the size or type of your association or the size or type of your issue, our Condominium Practice Team is capable of providing the necessary expertise to assist you and to provide the quality representation that you deserve.