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The K-Zone Morning Kommute is a radio program broadcast by WPKZ 105.3FM/AM1280, a central Massachusetts station that covers multiple topics during drive-time around Fitchburg. A couple weeks ago the subject was the importance of having an attorney when buying real estate with commentary by Rob and Rhonda. Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce President Melissa Fetterhoff also joined the conversation as part of the Business Buzz series of interviews. A recording of the interview is available here: https://soundcloud.com/kzoneradio/08-15-19-nvcoc-attorneys-rob-anctil-and-rhonda-duddy?fbclid=IwAR1-pedesLW2PT78hBTp7A9FBUgaRfFzqv6fwjy5Jv8e9RCeX9V1qMdd2M0


Radio pic